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We can transfer your handwritten, faxed or PDF copies of text material into editable text documents.

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Text-based Transcription Services:

  • We can convert your handwritten, faxed or PDF copies of text material into MS Word documents at an affordable rate. 
  • Get full books transcribed by using our highly skilled Text to Text transcriptionists.
  • Academicians, students and writers use our affordable services to get their research papers transcribed. 
  • We will analyze your document and determine the final length of the text document upfront.
  • We will always offer you the best rate and quality for our services. Our flexible discount policy has benefited thousands of our customers.

Why Choose T4V for Text-to-Text transcription Services? 

Need to get faxes, handwritten notes, PDF files, or even paperback books transcribed into a Word document or other text format? T4V's  text-to-text transcription services have you covered. We have over a decade of experience transcribing a variety of text formats into a different text format for easy viewing and editing.

There are numerous written text formats that we can convert to Word document format to allow for easy editing. Below are some of our most common requests:
  • Handwritten notes
  • Full length books
  • Research papers
  • Faxes
  • PDF Files

At Text For Voice, the quality of your transcript is of utmost importance to us. For this reason, we hire highly trained, 100% U.S. based certified transcribers to ensure accuracy and fast turnaround time. 

Since your work is of utmost importance to us, we provide you a guaranteed turnaround time failing which we promise to refund your money. 

We deliver output as MS Word document or editable pdf files, whichever suits your need.          

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