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Record your audio and send it over. We will  work our mojo and create a perfect recipe for the next best-seller. 

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Writing a book is no longer a tedious task today. As an author, you need not spend countless hours in front of your computer screen or typewriter trying to frame sentences that grab reader's attention. Instead, all that you need to do is focus your energy into conceiving sheer brilliance out of your thoughts and we will take care of everything else. So, you may not have excellent grammatical skills or a well-built vocabulary, yet you could become a successful author because what makes a book successful is its content, the soul of it. With the advancement in technology of today, you could just dictate your thoughts and we will take care of everything from typing, editing, proofreading and marketing it (yes, that too).
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Record your content

At T4V, we try to eliminate the hassles of  typing , editing and proofreading for you. Instead, we provide you with an alternative to just record your audio and send it to us. We will  handle everything else to prepare a manuscript for your book while you keep your creativity at its peak.  Now, one may ask what the logic behind this is. Well, the logic is simple, writers prefer to go with the flow of their thoughts;  they spin magic in their own creative world and produce a masterpiece out of it that becomes a sensation for generations to come. It is true that no big-seller was produced in front of a computer screen but out there in solitude where he carved his imagination and shaped it into a masterpiece. So, you let your thoughts flow and record your ideas while a dedicated team works at our end to give a shape to your creation.

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Review your manuscript and 1st draft

We'll send you a manuscript after your recordings have been transcribed and edited. You will be able to review the contents  and suggest edits to it regarding length of the book, relevant portions and other specifications. Our proofreading team will  keep your suggestions in focus while proofreading it. You'll then receive the first draft to review changes. Once, you are satisfied with the draft, we will send it to the formatting  section to format the book. 

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Book Formatting and 2nd draft

Book formatting is as important as content editing and proofreading. Book formatting is crucial to have a good first impression.  What hits out eyes in the first glance of the book is its  aesthetic or visual appeal and not its content which is why we have a team of professional designers who are experts of book formatting.  We will take care of all your formatting requirements , including font type, font size, page colour, background colour, text alignment  and content flow. You will receive a well formatted book  as your second draft  and you can review it and recommend changes you wish.

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Final draft and cover designing

Once you have reviewed the second draft, we will  add  Preface, Index, Introduction, Acknowledgments and first page dedication to your book.  You can prepare these contents yourself or  our team will do it for you.  Once these portions have been attached to your book, we will send the final draft  to you for review. Our designing team will then work on the cover of the book to give it an eye-catching appeal. 

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We will publish your books in various formats  (.pdf, .epub, .mobi) to ensure its availability across a range of devices and marketplaces.   Having a book published in various formats will boost its presence in the internet library as  well as facilitate its ease of access.  

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Sales and Marketing

Marketing a book is one of the most important factors in making it a 'bestseller'. Think about a book that has been written well but not marketed well, it will not be able to expand its reader's base and will eventually get rated low. Keeping it in mind, we have created an online marketing team which will introduce your books to well established reading groups and thus, your book will be shared by some of the best readers across the world. We also run  campaigns to promote books so that it is well received by its readers. 

You can  also translate your books into other languages with assistance from our translators, to spread your reader's base beyond language barriers. 

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