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From $0.64 per minute

Convert audio or video to text

100,000+ minutes transcribed


10¢ per word

Translate text into 21+ languages

500,000+ word translated

Closed Captions

From $0.99 per minute

Add Captions to your videos

60,000+ minutes captioned

Foreign Subtitles

From $4.00 per minute

Trend Globally with subtitles

20,000+ minutes subtitled

Speech Recognition

From $0.08 per minute

Automated transcripts using ASR

75,000+ minutes auto-transcribed

Why Choose Us? 

Low Costs, High Savings

Save big with our flexible pricing options. No minimum commitments; pay only for what you need.

Secure Ordering and Transactions

AES 256 bit encryption - that's how we secure your transactions and protect your files.

Fastest Delivery Options

Turnaround time as low as 6 hrs. Free delivery for delayed orders. 

Guaranteed Accuracy

QAs that won't let a dot slip out of place. We deliver accuracy as we promise.

Global Team of Experts

Business Beyond Borders - that's our motto, providing a platform to handpicked talents across the globe

Excellent Customer Service

We're right here, whenever you need us. No timezone restrictions; Get Support 24/7

You don't need us; we need You. 

That's why we prioritize customer satisfaction above everything else. 

We have designed everything from the pricing options to file processing system keeping you, our esteemed customers, in mind. 

If you ever feel that we have not been able to deliver services as promised, just let us know. 

Your opinions are highly valued here, and we will make sure that we deliver exactly what we have promised.

What We Offer

To increase our collaborations further, we have expanded our services beyond Transcription. 

We also offer Translation, Captioning, Subtitling in 21+ languages and A.I. based automated transcription services. 

Audio and Video Transcription

Transcribe all media content to text with TextForVoice. Use transcripts to write blog posts, share detailed information or boost search engine presence, Whatever be your requirement; we will do it for you. 


TextForVoice offers you the fastest turnaround time for transcription services. 


Transcripts that meet great standards. Every transcript is verified by a QA before delivery.

Transparent Pricing

Calculate costs upfront using our cost calculator. We promise lowest prices and we deliver it.       

Translation Services

Are you looking to expand your reach globally or localize your business in a different corner of the world? Our translators at TextForVoice will assist you with all translation needs so that language is never a barrier to your business.

Finesse & Accuracy

Our professional translators quickly deliver maximum accuracy while translating any document.

Native Speakers

Native, Fluent Speakers are assigned translation jobs to guarantee a flawless translation experience.


We value your privacy and we protect your documents with our encryption algorithm just like your bank.

English Captions and Subtitles

Captions are not just time-coded transcripts. They set up the emotion and tone of your video. Enrich the viewing experience for your audience with accurate and time-synced, high-quality captions prepared by TextForVoice.


TextForVoice offers fastest captioning service for all video genres. 


We provide captions for less than a dollar per minute.  

Precise and Accurate

An accurately written caption with a high precision time syncing is our specialty. 

Foreign Language Subtitles

Reach audiences across the globe by providing subtitles to your videos in multiple languages. TextForVoice employs native language experts to prepare accurate subtitles in 21+ widely spoken languages around the world.

Finesse & Accuracy

Our professional translators can subtitle your videos in 21+ languages with maximum accuracy.

Native Speakers

Native speakers handle all translation and subtitling projects to make your subtitles flow naturally.

High Precision

Time-syncing foreign subtitles is the key to viewer's experience. Our experts time-sync all subtitles with the highest precision.

Automated Speech Recognition

Do you need automated transcriptions for your projects? TextForVoice offers the cheapest AI based speech recognition technology which can automatically transcribe audio files within a few minutes. 

Fast and Affordable  

Our AI based speech recognition technology is indeed the fastest and cheapest automated transcription service in the market today.

Highly Accurate

Compared to other automated transcription services, TextForVoice offers 33% more accurate results. 

Use Custom Vocabulary

Add your own vocabulary to achieve greater accuracy and faster results. 

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